The Vagus Nerve: What You Need To Know

The vagus nerve doesn’t typically get a lot of attention in conventional medicine, but it actually plays a vital role in orchestrating your body’s response to stress and inflammation. And it doesn’t stop there: The vagus nerve also influences gut health,  immune function and more! Poor vagus nerve tone can […]

Improve Your Insulin Sensitivity Naturally

Improve Your Insulin Sensitivity Naturally This month we are taking a look at the risks and symptoms of insulin resistance, plus 10 preventative measures you can take to reduce your risks of insulin resistance and improve your insulin sensitivity naturally. Insulin resistance can be difficult to detect without medical tests. […]

How To Meet Your Body’s Iron Needs

Optimizing Your Need for Iron Iron is an essential mineral that helps maintain many vital functions in the body. This includes the production of hemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells that helps transport oxygen throughout the body. Consuming enough iron is important. Without it, your body will struggle to […]

Lighten Up with a Spring Detox: 7 Key Steps

Lighten Up with a Spring Detox: 7 Key Steps Consider lightening up with a spring detox! Spring is a time for renewal, rebirth, new beginnings – and a spring detox. One survey found that almost 80% of us embark on at least one spring cleaning project at this time of […]

Hormonal Health: Balance Is Important For Women

Hormonal health is all about balance Hormonal health is all about balance – but achieving the right balance can be a challenge, particularly for women at midlife. One of the most striking examples of this is found in women whose estrogen and progesterone balance is off. The wide range of […]

hormonal health: balance is important

Getting to the Root of Rosacea Symptoms

Rosacea is a chronic skin inflammation that can make you run for cover at a time when spending time outside with friends is all you want to do. Even indoors, it’s hard to ignore your red, bumpy face when you’re staring at your own reflection on every video call! Are […]

Women: Look after you Heart, Here’s Why.

What does someone with heart disease look like? A stressed out CEO? A smoker over 50? Whatever image came to your mind, chances are it was of a male. We think of heart disease as a male problem, but did you know that more women die of heart disease than […]