Terrain based Treatment

Terrain based Treatment™

Supporting your resilience as you journey through cancer and beyond.

What is Terrain based Treatment™?

Terrain based Treatment™ relies on the Metabolic Approach to Cancer taught by industry leader Dr. Nasha Winters ND. The approach places the focuses on You, the individual, and involves a thorough assessment of your risk factors, genetics, and lab results to tailor a customized plan to support you before, during, and beyond conventional cancer therapies or other complex health concerns. This approach can be implemented at any point in your journey.

Terrain based Treatment™ is not an alternative to conventional care but rather a complement to it. It’s a natural approach that taps into the power of nutrition, herbal medicines, supplements, and lifestyle changes to support you in optimal health and well being. It is an approach that takes into consideration the whole mind, body and spirit.

Terrain based Treatment™ can support you if…

  • You’re receiving cancer therapies and want to minimize their harsh side effects.

  • You’re concerned about the long-term effects that chemotherapy or radiation might have on your body terrain or overall health.

  • You’re interested in naturally supporting your body during or after cancer treatment but feel overwhelmed and need professional guidance.

  • You’ve completed cancer treatment and want to do everything within your power to reduce your risk of recurrence.

Since this is a whole-body approach to supporting health, which places the focus on You, the individual, the Terrain based Treatment™ is also appropriate if you want to optimize your health for any other reason! This approach can also be used to support individuals with other complex health concerns.

Tapping into the Power of the Terrain Ten™

Did you know there are ten key factors that work together to influence your health?

Terrain based Treatment™ will help to optimize each of these areas over time. 

Genetics & Epigenetics

Blood Sugar Balance

Toxic Burden

Balancing the Microbiome

Immune System Function

Inflammation & Oxidative Stress

Blood Circulation

Hormone Balance

Stress & Biorhythms

Mental & Emotional Health

Don’t worry—you do not need to address all of these areas at once! Our approach will guide you through a step wise process, identifying what areas are a priority for you and addressing those first.

Dr. Deborah Kennedy, ND PhD - Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Dr. Deborah Kennedy, ND PhD

Terrain based Treatment™ Certified Practitioner

Many practitioners offer supportive therapies for individuals looking to reduce their risk of side effects of cancer recurrence, but Terrain based Treatment™ is a revolutionary and comprehensive system that most clinicians are not familiar with.

Dr. Kennedy is one of a select group of clinicians to have completed the certification program as a Terrain based Treatment™ practitioner. The certification adds to her advanced training in women’s health, environmental medicine, and more than 15 years of clinical experience as an ND.

Benefits of Terrain based Treatment™

  • Minimize treatment side effects
  • Reduce recurrence risk
  • Improve general well being
  • Support health from the inside out
  • Understanding what your labs mean to your health
  • Learning what’s best for your body
  • Uncover a deeper understanding of yourself
  • Find healing for body and soul

What to Expect

  1. Comprehensive Assessment
    You’ll be asked to complete a thorough intake form and then meet with Dr. Kennedy for your initial appointment. The first appointment is 90 minutes long. This is so we can do a deep dive and get a baseline understanding of your situation and goals.

  1. Personalized Plan
    Based on your initial assessment and lab results, you’ll receive personalized recommendations for nutritional supplementation, diet, and lifestyle changes. The most important areas to focus on first will be prioritized, so you won’t feel overwhelmed by being asked to do too much.

  1. Monthly Monitoring
    An important part of the Terrain based Treatment™ approach is to test rather than guess. Your lab values and how you are feeling will be monitored on a regular schedule since any changes can be a sign that we need to modify your plan. 

  1. Ongoing Optimization
    If you are going through cancer treatments or taking action to reduce your recurrence, things can change quickly. As we monitor your progress, we will update your personalized plan to meet your changing needs over time.

Interested in finding out if Terrain based Treatment™  is right for you?

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