Dr. Deborah Kennedy - Naturopathic Doctor


Hello, and welcome! I’m Dr. Deborah Kennedy, a naturopathic doctor, researcher, and lifelong learner. With over more than 15 years of practising naturopathic medicine, I’ve narrowed in on a passion for supporting women through all of life’s changes—whether they be hormonal, metabolic, emotional, or everything combined.

So many people feel like they need to resign to their diagnosis or accept their symptoms as an unavoidable part of life. You may feel like you have limited options—especially when it comes to issues related to women’s hormonal health or cancer support. With naturopathic medicine and the increasing wealth of research about natural therapies, I believe that we can change that.

Available to support residents of Alberta and Ontario with naturopathic care for Women’s health and Terrain based cancer management.

Dr. Deborah Kennedy, ND PhD


This is not your typical healthcare experience.

Whether seeking naturopathic care for women’s health concerns or Terrain Based Treatment™ for support along your cancer journey, here’s a glimpse of what your experience will be like.

  •  Deep Listening
    No matter how smart and educated your doctor is, it’s hard for anybody to truly understand your goals or unique situation without really and truly listening. Dr. Kennedy takes the time to listen, ask questions, and listen some more—so that you will feel heard, supported, and understood.
  • Curious Exploration
    Despite the conventional wisdom that every diagnosis can be treated with a specific predefined protocol, that doesn’t always work in real life. Good medicine is more like detective work. Dr. Kennedy has a spirit of curiosity that will guide the exploration of potential root causes and how to make sense of your symptoms.
  • Connecting the Dots
    Have you ever wondered if seemingly unrelated symptoms…actually relate? Sometimes they do. Dr. Kennedy has a keen ability to identify patterns and see associations where others may not. That means you get comprehensive care that truly addresses you as a whole person rather than as a mishmash of random parts.
  • Research-Informed Recommendations
    When it comes to formulating a personal plan for each patient, the most current research is considered. You’ll discover when you meet with Dr. Kennedy that her approach is informed by research but softened by a holistic and energetic touch.

How I Can Help

Women’s Health

Whether you’re dealing with problematic periods, sleep problems during perimenopause, anxiety from hormonal swings, or other women’s health concerns—naturopathic medicine can give you answers and relief.



Terrain based Treatment™

Whether you want to minimize the side effects of treatments, strengthen your body after cancer care, or reduce your risk of recurrence – Terrain based Treatment™ is a revolutionary and comprehensive approach to help you thrive through your cancer journey.



Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine    Ontario         Terrain certified Practitioner