Lighten Up with a Spring Detox: 7 Key Steps

Lighten Up with a Spring Detox: 7 Key Steps Consider lightening up with a spring detox! Spring is a time for renewal, rebirth, new beginnings – and a spring detox. One survey found that almost 80% of us embark on at least one spring cleaning project at this time of […]

hormonal health: balance is important

Hormonal Health: Balance Is Important For Women

Hormonal health is all about balance Hormonal health is all about balance – but achieving the right balance can be a challenge, particularly for women at midlife. One of the most striking examples of this is found in women whose estrogen and progesterone balance is off. The wide range of […]

Be Sure to Get the Whole Story on your Thyroid.

Your thyroid is a small organ with a huge impact on all aspects of your health. Thyroid hormone impacts every cell in your body, so even a small disturbance in thyroid hormone levels affects your digestive tract, brain, heart, metabolism, glucose and cholesterol levels, and much more. Yet, despite its […]

Breast Implant Illness: What We Know So Far

Breast Implant Illness: What We Know So Far The choice to get breast implants is highly personal, and most women don’t make the decision lightly. Whether it’s cosmetic or reconstructive, implant surgery is a major procedure, with important health implications. Women who have implants, and women considering the surgery, should […]

Dreaming of A More Restful Sleep?

Tossing and turning? Watching the hours crawl by? Even one night of poor sleep can make you an exhausted, irritable, sugar-craving beast the next day. We all have the odd sleepless night, but if sleep loss goes on long enough more serious problems like hormone imbalance, immune dysfunction and weight […]