Psychosomatic Energetics

Psychosomatic Energetics

  • Feeling tired ?
  • Irritable?
  • Stressed ?
  • off and not at your peak?

Answered “Yes” to any of the above? This suggests that you may receive some benefits by incorporating Rubimed Therapy & Psychosomatic Energetics into your healing journey.

What is Psychosomatic Energetics?

Psychosomatic Energetic (PSE) is an assessment of the energetic relationship between the mind and body. When energetic out of balance are present this may contribute to feeling of stress, discomfort, anxiety, etc. 

Stress is an inevitable part of our modern life. However, if our stress is not processed and released, it is held in the body.  As long as the stress is held in the body, it can lead to energetic out of balances. These out of balances can show up as fatigue, anxiety, anger, fear, sleeping difficulties, irritability etc. This is because these out of balances block the flow of energy between the energy centres.

Decades of research lead German physician, Dr. Reimar Banis, to develop the technology and process that can assess the energetic blocks in the body. 

The Psychosomatic energetics Assessment Process.

Psychosomatic energetic assessment
Psychosomatic Energetic assessment

The Reba device (seen in the photo – the rainbow box) is used in the assessment process.  This assessment is non-invasive and can be used on all, children and adults alike.

The first step is to measures person’s energy levels at each of the major energy centres (chakras) of the body. This is done to determine the centre with the largest out of balance, which often is the source of the symptoms. The next step is identify the correct remedies. These remedies, when taken, will dissolve the emotional blocks, restore the energy flow, and revitalize and restore life energy.

Who might benefit from Psychosomatic energetics testing?

Many can benefit from incorporating Psychosomatic energetics into their healing journery – from infants and children right through to those of wise old age. We have all faced many different emotional experiences in life. In many instances, we work through them and move on. In other instances, the emotional experience or trauma is too big for us to fully process and becomes stored in our body.

  • Do you feel tired, irritable, stress or no longer at your peak performance?
  • Something is not quite right, but you can’t put your finger on what it might be?
  • Are you not back to yourself after a stress or emotional experience in life?
  • Stuck in a negative pattern or re-occurring symptoms that you cannot seem to get over?

Answering “Yes” to these questions suggests that you might benefit from incorporating Psychosomatic Energetics in your healing journey.

Do I need to do a full naturopathic intake?

The Psychosomatic Assessment is offered in two versions

  1. Part of your overall naturopathic care and this assessment is used to move more deeply into the healing process.
  2. As a standalone assessment and the energetic imbalances are identified and addressed.

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